Highly regulated shipments present a challenge throughout shipping and storage. To guarantee the integrity of your product, ATI’s Endicate electronic temperature monitoring solution provides reliable information about temperature excursions upon receipt of shipment. Endicate provides the assurance you need to guarantee a product’s quality with a temperature range from -20°C to 70°C and 4 easily programmable alarms. Endicate can be can be customized with your branding and configured based on your tracking needs

Electronic Temperature Monitoring Solution

Instant, Cumulative, Continuous Endicate™ offers three trigger types to select when customizing the device. Customer Example: Customer A would like to program their Endicate™ device to show when a shipment has been exposed to 0°C for 30 minutes, with the default, 1-minute sampling period.


Стандартные контролируемые режимы соответствуют МИБП (могут быть изменены по заказу): № 1 — на понижение +2°C суммарно, нарушение длительностью 12 часов; № 2 — на повышение +8°C суммарно, нарушение длительностью 48 часов; № 3 — на понижение -0,5°C Однократно, нарушение длительностью 1 час; № 4 — на повышение +20°C суммарно, нарушение длительностью 20 часов;