The Cantrell Wing Segmenter offers flexibility, accuracy and ease of use to your operation. The machine is capable of processing up to 180 wings per minute on a processing line or as a standalone application. The Wing Segmenter properly orients the wing at any line speed for accuracy on each individual cut.The Segmenter is designed to allow simple adjustments during operation, as well as easy access for blade replacement. The shackle transfer eliminates misfeeds. The CWCS-8400 greatly reduces energy consumption and water usage, providing optimal operating efficiency. In addition, the open design of the machine makes cleaning and access easy. The Cantrell Wing Segmenter CWCS-8400 is patented under US Patent No. 8,517,805, US Patent No. 8,641,487, US Patent No. 8,702,480 and US Patent No. 9,078,452.