ShockDot is a cost-effective solution that detects the mishandling of products and packages during shipment. Alerting handlers that a package is being monitored and requires extra care will ultimately reduce damage related costs. ShockDot indicators turn red when a potentially damaging impact occurs. The indicators are tamperproof and serialized to ensure the user that the device has not been switched during transport. The QR code on each label allows customers to verify that they have received the quality and reliability of an authentic ShockWatch product.

Drive down damages

ShockWatch impact labels deter mishandling and reduce damage-related costs by indicating when products have been exposed to a potentially damaging impact during transit or in storage. ShockWatch labels are tamperproof, mechanically activated devices that turn bright red when an impact occurs.

ShockWatch® 2 Impact

Shipping docks are busy places with everyone rushing to get product shipped or received on time. Loading and unloading creates opportunities for products to get dropped and damaged. Carriers, manufacturers, and receivers are all impacted by damage-related costs. Often the question becomes who is responsible for the damage and where did the damage happen?